Happy 2018! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything, but it’s good to be back. More on my break later, because right now there’s something brewing on my mind with the beginning of the new year upon us….

So we are just a week into the new year and I’m hoping most of you have started and kept up with your resolutions! If not, there is no condemnation! Every decision is a new one. You could just say “no” to that sugary treat the next time it comes around, even if you’ve been eating them all day long. THAT is still a step in the right direction.

Are you excited about what the new year holds? Is this going to be your best year yet? Are you pregnant with expectancy of what amazing things are on the horizon? I am! There is just something so different about this year, already. I’m so full of expectancy this year. It reminds of when I was pregnant with my daughter, Eliza.

Here’s a picture of me just over 39 weeks pregnant! Man, my belly was HUGE!

Our maternity shoot was only 6 hours after we had left a Sunday service, which was the perfect cap to an amazing conference. It was called the Fire Conference. For 2 days we were poured into by the Holy Spirit as we worshipped and dug into God’s word. Coming out of the service we were on cloud 9 (where does this reference come from anyway??). We felt empowered and certain that God was doing amazing things.

We took that feeling right into me giving birth the very next day after the maternity shoot. Talk about last-minute! Unfortunately I think most women only like to share their labor stories if they’re horrific, but praise be to God, mine was incredible. We had gone in with the hope to do it naturally, and I did! With an expectant heart coming out of the conference, I knew there was nothing impossible for God. I was more focused on God’s mission than the labor “pains”. For more details on my labor story, you can read it here.

There is something being birthed inside of me that feels like it’s just jumping off my skin. I’m so expectant of what God is going to do this year it’s sometimes nauseating. It’s a new year, a fresh start, and amazing things are in store.

Are you expectant?


p.s. I really am pregnant, too! 🙂 Baby is due summer 2018!