You know those moments when things don’t go according to plan? For my Type-A readers you may have just started to hyperventilate! Well, I’m a mom who LOVES routines. They mean predictability and, let’s be honest, control.

The other day I was sitting on my couch trying to write a post for the blog, when Eliza, my daughter, unexpectedly woke up crying in the other room. This was NOT according to my plan. She was not supposed to be awake for another hour, and all the mamas out there can agree that an hour of quiet is precious to us! What was I going to do? Was I going to let her “cry it out”? Was I going to rush in and “rescue” her? As I was stressing out about what to do next, I heard a still small voice say “It’s going to be ok…”

What I didn’t do was get upset. It’s wasn’t worth the energy. I didn’t get frustrated, because it doesn’t actually help.

I took advantage of the opportunity to rest in God’s peace, and to trust that He is good and would guide my decision. Eliza wouldn’t calm down, so I went into her room and tried to pat her back to soothe her. Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to work. I knew she needed rest, and that was the most important thing to remember. So I did the unthinkable. I held her in my arms, rocked in the rocking chair, sang her one of my favorite worship songs, and she drifted off into a peaceful rest. For the next hour I rocked my daughter and soaked up the opportunity to hold her while she wasn’t trying to wiggle free. We just rested together.

Was it inconvenient? Yes. Could I have done other things with my time? Of course. Could I have ruined my daughter’s sleeping habits forever? Not likely. I saw it as an inconvenient opportunity to cherish in my heart the sweetness of my little girl.

How different life would be if we were all able to look past ourselves and our agendas, and to see these inconveniences as opportunities and God-ordained appointments.

So the next time you’re stuck in traffic trying to “get somewhere”, and your blood is beginning to boil as you get angry with people driving like “idiots”, turn your focus on Jesus. Soak in the opportunity to actually talk with God, worship Him, or to just stop and LISTEN to what’s going on inside of you.

How different life would be if we were all able to look past ourselves and our agendas

The next time a co-worker “interrupts” your train of thought, try seeing it as an opportunity to ask what’s going in their lives and actually listen. Take the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with that person.


Opportunities are all around us. Albeit they may be inconvenient sometimes, but to ignore them could mean missing out on something amazing.