Hi! My name is Ellae (like LA, the city). It is such an honor that you decided to check out my blog. Here are a few quick facts about me:

1. I am a daughter of God and a passionate follower of Jesus.
2. I married my best friend, Brian, in 2013.
3. I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Eliza, in 2016.
4. I am passionate about women understanding who they are, discovering their purpose, and living it out.

The world expects so much of women these days: have a thriving marriage, raise successful children, keep a clean house, cultivate meaningful friendships, excel in a career or business, be extremely fit and the list goes on and on…

**Are you feeling overwhelmed and inadequate yet?**

I get it.

I have personally struggled with each of those areas of my life and more. The reality of the situation is that while the world may tell you to have, do and be all of those things, they are NOT what gives you value. To aspire to those things is NOT your purpose.

Then the natural question to follow is “Ok, so who AM I and what IS my purpose?”.

My prayer is that by me writing this blog and you joining the LiveOnPurpos3 family that we answer that question together.

We all desire to be successful in every area of our lives – spiritually, emotionally and physically – but how is that possible?

Success becomes a reality when we LIVE ON PURPOSE.

This means living out WHY were put on this earth and living every moment INTENTIONALLY, purposefully, not haphazardly or just going through the motions.

I’m not writing this blog because I’ve perfectly mastered this lifestyle of living on purpose, as if I have cultivated the perfect life. I’m still growing in this process every day! I’m writing this blog because I believe it is part of MY purpose, why I was put on this earth, to encourage women, like YOU, to take this journey with me. Together, we will learn to live purposefully in every moment of every day and become everything we are destined to be in Jesus Christ!

Why “Live On Purpose” with a 3? I’ll give you 3 reasons:


  1. We were all created for the glory of God, who is the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
  2. We are all made of a body, soul and spirit, and must live purposefully to ensure every part of our being is healthy so we can live out our individual callings.
  3. We are not meant to do life alone.  A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

Meet The Team

= Editor =

Brian is an incredible example of what it means to live out your Christianity. He talks the talk AND walks the walk. He loves Jesus relentlessly and loves people generously. He is passionate about breakthrough in his own life, and helping others find it in theirs. He is also a gifted writer, and often writes for a blog called DailyPS. Check out DailyPS to read more of Brian writing!

= Inspiration =

Eliza is a beautiful child, inside and out. She is sweet, special and smart. She is a constant source of inspiration, laughter and tears. At a young age she is already breaking down spiritual walls. God has a special call on her life, and I make sure she knows that. She is an incredibly loved daughter of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

= Developer =

Alex is dedicated to impacting the lives around him through healthy, thriving community. He is always encouraging people to seek after what they are most passionate about and has a knack for calling out the God-given potential in people. He is a talented writer and founded the well-known Christian blog, DailyPS, as well as a digital coach. Click here to check out his website.