Today my husband, Brian, and I are starting a fast…

To answer some basic questions:

  • What is a fast? It’s simply a time to deny oneself.
  • How is it done? There is not specific way to do one, but we’ve decided to put certain restrictions on food, television and internet usage.
  • Why fast? This is the most important question. It’s not because I have to fast in order to fulfill some religious requirement, or because I think it’s going to get me some super special reward in heaven. It’s because I love God so much I just want to be closer to Him. I want to block out all distractions from Him. I’m seeing it more like a vacation. I’m setting aside the rest of October to get into God’s presence. It’s like a hard reset.

To be transparent, I’ve been in a funk lately. It’s been more difficult to hear from God, I haven’t had quite the same passion for Him and His word as I’ve had before, and I have been disobedient in some areas of my life. Disobedience is sin. Sin causes separation from God, and not because He’s left, but because I’ve calloused my heart with each ignoring of His voice.  Whether it’s when He told me NOT to raise my voice at Brian, or to be bold and speak to soneone about Jesus, disobedience is all the same. It makes me less sensitive to Him. Think about it… Say you’re trying really hard to get back into shape, so you set up a plan to workout and eat healthy. Every time you skip a workout or eat junk, you’re a little more likely to do it again.

This was brought on by a book I’m currently reading, The Real God by Chip Ingram. In this book, Chip asked a couple very challenging questions: “When was the last time you earnestly pleaded with God for understanding? Spent extended time alone with him? Fasted as you sought his face?” For me, the last time was at the beginning of the year, when we did a corporate fast with our church called the Awakening. But just last night, Brian and I talked about how when we first got saved it felt like we were fasting every month. I’m not saying you need to be in a constant state of fasting, although the Bible does say that we are to be a LIVING sacrifice, and to denying ourselves each day. Brian and I laughed a little as we remembered those days of fasting, but I was just reminded of the desperation and the yearning I had deep in my soul to know God. I wanted to know His will, and to just be with Him. Nothing else mattered…

I want to get back to that place with Him, where He really was my source for EVERYTHING. I have surrendered most of my life to Him and His kingdom, but there are areas I know I’ve been holding back. I’m excited and expectant because I know God is faithful. I want to know Him more and more look like Jesus when I come out of this fast.

And so we fast…from television watching, from social media scrolling, from internet browsing, and from unhealthy foods. All for the sake of getting closer to Daddy.

If you’d like to join us, here’s a GREAT resource to get started: Awakening by Stovall Weems.  You don’t even need to start today, but consider prayerfully seeking God for a time to start in the next week or so. The idea is to start, regardless of how inconvenient it may be.